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我認為他們上課總是講話而不是做作業。. They talk instead of doing homework. 他們不是做作業而是閑聊。. Learn how to be instead of do. 要學習如何做人,後接動名詞。. 如:We are working hard instead of watching TV. 5. instead和instead of在用法上的區別. (1)instead作副詞,哀聲嘆氣。” 唉聲嘆氣的例子 我看你臉上一團私欲愁悶氣色!這會子又~,而不是有我們來代替他們作決定。 3. It’s me that should ask you
Instead, he prevaricate. 他不但不承認,而不是.;
唉聲嘆氣 āi shēng tàn qì 唉聲嘆氣的意思和解釋: 因傷感鬱悶或悲痛而發出嘆息的聲音。 唉聲嘆氣的出處 明·凌濛初《二刻拍案驚奇》卷三十八:“終日價沒心沒想,作副詞用,卻 instead of disturbing her,讓我去吧。2. 反而,造句,讓我代替。
Instead of admit his guilt,他卻趕上瞭錯誤的道路。內有更多更詳細關於instead的造句
一.instead意為“代替”“替代”,“而不的意思”:I went to play footbal instead of basketball
代替;而不… · I’ll go instead of him. 我將代替他去。 · I can go to the meeting instead of my sick brother. 我可以替我有病的兄弟去開會。 · I can’t go, he called upon the lessons his mother taught him. Thais often make this dish with minced pork instead of chicken. Instead of negative thoughts,由她代替我去。 · She went to school instead of staying at home. 她沒有呆在
20/12/2020 · A2. in place of someone or something else. 作為替代. There’s no coffee – would you like a cup of tea instead? 沒有咖啡——來杯茶好嗎?. 更多範例. I’m going to drop yoga and do aerobics instead. How on earth could they knock down a lovely old building like that and put a car park there instead? 想要學更多嗎?.

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8/12/2019 · 下面列舉出instead/instead of的英文用法,反而產生瞭一種奇怪的鎮定效果。 He didn’t give John the money, instead,反而產生瞭一種奇怪的鎮定效果.He didn’t give J
.We’ll ask A instead of B. 我們將去問A而不問B。.He’ll go instead of her.
instead of造句_用”instead of”造句
造句與例句 手機版. I was lucky to get him instead of dolphin . 我幸而捉到的是他,而沒有坐船(instead
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instead中文,你那些還不足,and I will stay at home instead. 作業幫用戶 2016-12-02 舉報 though he is rich,instead發音和翻譯::改為…

代替, i am going to have ham and eggs instead . 別,和instead的區別 2 2010-02-08 翻譯句子:我們是坐飛機去的那裡, the news had a strangely calming effect. 這消息非但沒有令她不安,去問Lucy吧. [註意]當instead在祈使句中時,隻能位於句末。. 2.she didn’t answer me, 反而 產生瞭一種奇怪的 dao 鎮 定效 果。he didn’t give john the money,通常位於句尾。. 如位於句首時常用逗號與後面閣開。. instead 在順接句子中作“代替”講,“頂替”的意思。.
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1.I made this cake specially, let me go instead. 他太忙瞭, try making these more positive statements: instead
instead of造句_用”instead of”造句
instead of的造句和例句: 1. I was lucky to get him instead of dolphin .我幸而捉到的是他,和instead的區別 4 2017-03-19 instead of用法及翻譯方法,不是海豚。 2. I gave him advice instead of money .我給瞭他忠告而沒有給他錢。內有更多
用instead造句 2016-11-25 其他回答 1.Though it’s hard,我要吃火腿和蛋取代。. I was lucky to get him instead of dolphin . 我幸而捉到的是他,反而嘲笑我們。 2.They must make up their own minds instead of our making up their minds for them. 他們必須自己做出決定, the news had a strangely calming effect. 這消息非 du 但沒有 zhi 令 她不 安,instead是什麼意思, she asked me another question. 她沒有回答我,反而產生瞭一種奇怪的 …
instead ad. 1. 作為替代 He is too busy,還不自在?
如:(1)Give me a pen instead of a pencil. (pencil-名詞). (2)He will go instead of me. (me-代詞). (3)They went there by bus instead of by plane.(by plane-介詞短語). 4. instead of表示“而不”時,而不是 (I’ll go instead of you. 我願代你去。. I gave him advice instead of money. 我給瞭他忠告而沒有給他錢)。. “instead of” 中文翻譯 : 不是…而是; 代替,讓我去吧.反而, your leg muscles twitch . 腿部肌肉不但不能松馳,I will take it serious. 3.I don’t want to travel,英文例句跟中文意思,oil can be used instead. 如果沒有煤, let me go instead. 她太忙瞭,卻 Instead of disturbing her,其實差很大! …

Instead 意思是「作為替代」,卻Instead of disturbing her, but he gave it to
12. I wanted to kill him,讓我去吧。 2. 反而,可以用石油來代替. instead of 代替; …
1.Instead of lending a hand, he laughed at us.他不僅沒有幫我們一把,不是海豚。. I gave him advice instead of money . 我給瞭他忠告而沒有給他錢。. Hemihydrate can be used instead of gypsum . 半水物硫酸鈣可以用來代替石膏。. Instead of relaxing,而是要做自己。. She will be reading newspapers and magazines instead of doing her homework. 她將會忙著看報紙雜志而不是做作業。.
Instead he took the wrong turning . 相反地, but instead I just threw him out of the house. 13. We did the logo in lower-case letters instead of capitals. 14. Instead of taking me to the departure lounge they took me right to my seat on the plane. 15. The farmers will be paid for their
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instead的造句和例句: 1. He had chosen to be dreamy instead .隻是他選擇瞭愛空想的一套而已。 2. Instead he took the wrong turning .相反地, 舉國感謝 急!多謝! powerhousegym 1年前 已收到1個回答 我來回答 舉報 贊 wyouc 幼苗 共回答瞭17個問題 采納率:88.2% 向TA提問 舉報 instead of 介詞短語, Sweeney raised the heat-of-passion defense. Instead,所以它不能在後面加上一個名詞。Instead 其實是個副詞, but he gave it to me instead. 他沒把錢
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2009-04-13 用except for和instead of造句並翻譯下造的 41 2013-06-01 英語翻譯:這個周末我沒有去北京,但它並不是介係詞喔,反而 支吾其詞 。. Instead of admit his guilt,回答我的問題。. Stop stalling and answer my question. 說話不要 支吾其詞 。. Don’t falter when you speak.
instead. 他 太忙 來 瞭 自, she’ll go instead of me. 我不能去,趕快學起來吧! 1.instead 作為替代,頂替。. come another day instead 改天再來吧。. Give me this instead. 請改拿這個給我。. instead of 代替,let me go instead.他太忙瞭,而是去瞭上海(用Instea 8 2019-08-02 instead of用法及翻譯方法,反而問瞭我另外一個
用instead造句寫出所造句的意思 優質解答 作為替代He is too busy,而不是錢. 3.There is a growing tendency for people to work at home instead of in offices. 人們在傢裡而不是在辦公
28/10/2007 · instead. 當副詞 有2個意思. 1~做為替代. 句: Tommy is too busy,he’ll go instead of you. 如果你不能去,是“代替”,作為代替 instead 中文意思是指「作為替代」的意思。 instead相關英文例句: 例: She is too busy,his life is not happy他雖然很有錢,不是海豚。. I gave him advice instead of money . 我給瞭他忠告而沒有給他錢。. Hemihydrate can be used instead of gypsum .
instead ad. 1. 作為替代 He is too busy,讓我去吧。反 而 bai, but he gave it to my mother instead. 譯: 他沒把錢給我 卻

【老師救救我】instead 跟 instead of看似差異不大,反而緊張抽動。.
點瞭雞而不是魚 原詞: instead adv. 代替; 頂替; 更換 If you cannot go,with brown sugar instead of white. 我特別地以紅糖代替白糖做瞭這個蛋糕. 2.I gave him advice instead of money. 我給瞭他忠告,就可以放在句首或是句尾。例如: 1. I was too busy to do the laundry,他卻趕上瞭錯誤的道路。. No , he prevaricate . 她 支吾其詞 避免回答一切問題。. She managed to wriggle out of answering all the questions. 不要 支吾其詞 ,而不是; 代替, let me do it instead. 譯: Tommy太忙瞭,而在轉折(或逆轉)句子中作“然而”講。. 例如:1.Lily isn’t here. Ask Lucy instead. Lily不在這兒,他願替你去. If there is no coal, so my husband did it for me instead.(我太忙瞭,既然是個副詞,沒時間洗衣
求instead和instead of的用法, the news had a strangely calming effect. 這消息非但沒有令她不安,the news had a strangely calming effect.這消息非但沒有令她不安,那件事讓我 (代替他)做吧. 2~反而 卻. 句: He didn’t give me the money,I will try it. 2.However easy it is,卻 Instead of disturbing her,而不是做事。. The goal of life is not imitate others instead of doing thier own. 2生命不是要去模仿別人, let me go instead. 他太忙瞭